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DEINFAR's excellence for your company development.

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We have a state-of-the-art laboratory

Each area within the laboratory tells a story and is equipped with cutting-edge tools to meet the needs of your company.


DEINFAR has an exclusive preformulation laboratory that has adequate material and human resources to carry out these studies. At the end of the project, a report is issued with all the results and conclusions, and it is also possible to hold technical seminars to discuss the data and train the company's employees.


DEINFAR has adequate facilities and experience to work with the following technologies: 

  • Solid pharmaceutical forms of conventional and controlled release;

  • Multiparticulate pharmaceutical forms: pellets obtained by the extrusion-spheronization process with subsequent drying in a fluidized bed;

  • Complexing technologies with cyclodextrins.


DEINFAR has a space exclusively dedicated to dissolution studies with modern equipment and installations, in addition to experienced and trained personnel in the area, also umpteen publications in several national and international journals, which attests to our expertise in the subject.





We have a program aimed at professionals


Training program


We recognize that having the best professionals at your disposal can leverage real results for your company. With that in mind, we developed a complete program to train professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.


The researches developed here

In addition to being a reference in pharmacotechnics and analytics, we work with innovation and research to add maximum value and excellence to our activities.

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