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Pre-formulation involves the characterization of drugs through tests such as solubility, intrinsic dissolution, particle size, thermal analysis among others. When properly conducted, it is a tool that enables a rational development of formulations, generating considerable savings for the company.


Pre-formulation studies are especially necessary when the company has different suppliers for its active ingredient. Problems related to polymorphism, for example, can be solved through good physical and chemical characterization of these samples.


DEINFAR has an exclusive preformulation laboratory that has adequate material and human resources to carry out these studies. At the end of the project, a report is issued with all the results and conclusions, and it is also possible to hold technical seminars to discuss the data and train the company's employees.

Thermal Analysis Equipment



TG and DSC equipment are used for drug characterization studies and drug-excipient compatibility tests.

Physical Characterization Equipment

Particle size

The Cilas 1090 performs particle size analysis by laser diffraction using the dry and dispersed in water methods

Surface area

The BET technique allows to calculate the surface area and pore size of pharmaceutical solids (API's).

True density

Solubility Equipment


Shaker Flask

T3 is a solubility analyzer by the potentiometric method, generating faster analysis with low drug and reagent consumption.

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