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Welcome to DEINFAR!

DEINFAR (Pharmaceutical Development and Innovation Laboratory) is an initiative of the FCF-USP’s Pharmacy Department, whose proposal is to establish partnerships with pharmaceutical industries interested seeking innovation and knowledge generated within the University.


We have a wide portfolio of projects based on dissolution studies (including the choice of formulations to be subjected to bioequivalence tests), development and optimization of formulations, pre-formulation studies and, in particular, courses and training given at various companies for all of Brazil.


Professor Humberto G. Ferraz

Under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Humberto Gomes Ferraz, DEINFAR has already developed several partnerships with national and multinational industries.


The work method is based on Project Management, in which, with the help of software such as MS Project, a calendar is prepared with all the activities planned, with the final step being the delivery of a report contemplating the objectives set for the project.

In this way, the partner company is assured of carrying out the desired study and is sure that it will have a high-level technical document on the agreed deadline.

Our mission

Acting in teaching, research and extension activities in the area of pharmacotechnical development, promoting the training of our members in an space of continuous learning and collaboration, seeking to disseminate the knowledge generated in the academic sphere and through projects carried out with industries.

Our values

  • - Ethic

  • - Responsibility

  • - Respect for human beings

  • - Respect for the environment

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